ColbyKnox - Party Crashers

There's a pool party at the ColbyKnox compound. People are lounging and drinking. Even the dogs are having fun. Grayson Lange, wearing sexy pool wear, gets out of the water. He strides over to Colby Chambers, giving a subtle hint that Colby should follow him behind the house. When they are alone there is an intense make out session. Colby picks up the hottie, carrying him to the gym. Once there, Colby leads Grayson to a fitness bench. He pushes Grayson down so he can lick the boy's hole. "Oh, fuck," Grayson moans. "Eat my ass. Fuck, yeah." Colby licks that hole right, getting it juicy. "You want it," Colby asks. The answer, of course, is yes. Grayson gets on his back, spreading those fine legs. Colby fills him up in one swoop. The fucking is short and powerful. "Oh, yeah," Colby moans on a down stroke. "Give me that tight ass." "Oh, yeah. Fuck that tight hole," Grayson responds. He slides off the bench, ending up on! a mat. Colby's dick stays right where it wants to be: inside of Grayson. The two studs change positions. They are standing and Grayson leans against a freestanding punching bag. Colby is right behind him. "Fuck yeah, Grayson," Colby mutters. "Fuck! That ass." Colby grabs Grayson's hair. "Do you want my dick," Colby asks. "Fuck, yeah," Grayson breathlessly replies. "Fuck you in that tight hole," Colby says. "Fuck. It feels so good," Grayson groans. The pounding is balls deep. Before long Colby pops a nut, flooding Grayson's guts. When Colby pulls out cream lands on the floor. A string of seed stays attached to Grayson's butt cheeks. All of that fucking has made Grayson hot and bothered. He jerks a copious load as he kisses Colby. After both calm down, they get dressed and head back to the party. Troy Accola pops out of a door to a store room. "Hey, Colby? Can you help me find the Sprite? I can't find it." Co! lby promises to help. When Troy closes the door, his smile say! s it all.. His thirst requires more than soda. He leans on a three-wheeler, pulling his shorts down. When Colby returns, Troy shakes his perky ass cheeks. Colby smiles; he gets behind Troy, grabbing one ass cheek and offering a kiss. He pulls Troy's shorts all the way down and puts some spit on his johnson. "Yeah. Take my cock," Colby orders as he fills Troy up. Troy moans, receiving every inch. "You have a hot fucking ass," Colby says. Troy smiles when Colby slams his special spot. "You like my dick in your ass," Colby asks. "Yeah. I fucking love it," Troy whispers. "Been thinking about it out there by the pool," Colby wonders. "Oh, yeah," Troy replies. He puts a hand on a cheek. "Yeah. Spread those cheeks," Colby demands. "It feels so good," Troy sobs. He can only handle so much dick before busting. He does, splattering seed all over his hand. Colby doesn't stop fucking. "Want me to breed! you," Colby asks. "Oh, yes please," Troy responds. Colby's second load coats Troy's insides. "I feel it," he sighs. "Take my fucking cum," Colby groans. Some of Colby's man milk dribbles out, landing on Troy's taint. Colby pulls out, jerks his meat, and re-enters Troy. "Oh, yeah. Push it in," he sighs. "Put it deep in you," Colby says. He pulls out and the two are covered in sweat and cum. Colby wants to know if Troy still wants that Sprite. "I'm not thirsty anymore," Troy notes. Maybe not but he's certainly refreshed!
None. None. None. None. None.
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